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Ensuring Educational Equity

Educational excellence cannot exist without educational equity. Educators have a responsibility not only to teach students, but to support them in their social and emotional development. To ensure such learning and development is possible for every student, educators must adapt to the diversity of their community and allow students to see their lives reflected in curriculum, instructional materials, and school practices.

Generation Ready partners with schools and districts to promote educational equity through cultural proficiency, providing a model for individual transformation and organizational change. Our needs assessment, customized implementation plan, and professional development solutions ensure that a school’s staff, policies, and practices provide the opportunity for effective interactions among students, educators, and community members. 

Like you, our ultimate goal is to create a school environment that fosters academic achievement for every student.

Watch our Educational Excellence through Equity webinar to learn tangible equity insights to help transform your school or district.

Generation Ready provides the what, why, and how to educational equity! Partnering with Generation Ready transformed our equity landscape by transforming Lynwood USD leaders in to true equity warriors. Equity is a daily conversation and embraced with intentionality as a result of our work with the Generation Ready team.”

– Dr. Patricia Brent-Sanco, Director of Equity and Title IX Compliance 
Lynwood Unified School District, Lynwood, CA

Essential Practices of Effective Schools

Generation Ready’s Six Essential Practices of Effective Schools framework helps our highly qualified consultants evaluate how well your school is organized to support student achievement.  As we evaluate a school’s Cultural Proficiency, we use this powerful set of evidence-based tools to create conditions for personal and institutional change.

The Path to Cultural Proficiency

Generation Ready will support your journey towards fostering a positive and inclusive environment that enables each student to reach their maximum potential. Our methodology, design, and approach is multidimensional and customized to the unique needs of each school or district.

As a thought-partner, we listen and observe first and then structure solutions based on the unique needs of each school and district. Our team will speak with school leaders, teachers, support staff, parents, and students to ensure we obtain an accurate picture of your school’s cultural proficiency. Then, to ensure change is made, we work alongside your team to help you implement the improvement plan that impacts all levels of school leadership, educators, and staff.

The Path to Cultural Proficiency
The Path to Cultural Proficiency

Professional Development Services

An integral part of our work is to provide ongoing learning opportunities that are specific to the needs of your staff and your goals for improvement. These sessions help your staff become experts in culturally responsive teaching, which creates a pathway to a positive, equitable learning environment.

Equity Walk
 A “boots-on-the-ground” support system that provides direct, comprehensive coaching and professional development to classroom teachers to support culturally responsive teaching. Consultants work hand in hand with teachers to assist with lesson design planning, delivery of instruction, strategizing to connect all learners, data analysis, and curriculum mapping.

Equity Institute
An 8-day comprehensive workshop series that covers all foundational elements of cultural proficiency, while developing a unique Equity Action Plan. Participants are galvanized by hands-on interactive activities that amplify knowledge of the cultural proficiency framework for school and district systems to ensure equity.

Introductory Workshop
Provides foundational tenets of equity through cultural proficiency. The workshop builds on grounded knowledge in the cultural proficiency continuum, the cultural proficiency guiding principles, the four tools of cultural proficiency, and the barriers to cultural proficiency.

Job-Embedded School Support
 A “boots-on-the-ground” support system that provides direct, comprehensive coaching and professional development to classroom teachers to support culturally responsive teaching. Consultants work hand in hand with teachers to assist with lesson design planning, delivery of instruction, strategizing to connect all learners, data analysis, and curriculum mapping.

Job-Embedded District Support
A “boots-on-the-ground” support system for the superintendent and his/her cabinet. This high-level interfacing provides support in equity governance, policy creation, district strategic planning, district accountability structures such as school site visits, and support to board of education leadership governance.

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students is of a racial or ethnic minority*

CASE STUDY  |   Lynwood Unified School District


Over many years, Lynwood Unified School District’s longitudinal data showed:

High proportional disciplinary infractions for students of color

Low graduation rates for students of color

Large achievement gaps for students of color


Lynwood has partnered with us since 2013 for professional development, including:

District workshops

On-site, job-embedded support for teachers

Workshops for non-credentialed associates

Workshops for parents


Academic achievement for students of color have increased

Graduation rates have increased

Suspensions and expulsions have decreased

LUSD now is #2 in California in graduating students of color who have completed UC/Cal State required courses.

Source: California Department of Education

Cultural Proficiency Continuum

Our Cultural Proficiency Continuum provides a language for understanding one’s true awareness of the cultures and identities of each student.  Through self-assessment, the continuum can help to measure attitudes and beliefs in order to recognize both healthy and unhealthy cultural actions.

Cultural Destructiveness

See the difference, stomp it out

Cultural Incapacity

See the difference, make it wrong

Cultural Blindness

See the difference, act like you don't

Cultural Pre-Competence

See the difference, respond inadequately

Cultural Competence

See the difference, understand the difference

Cultural Proficiency

See the difference and respond effectively

Source: Randall Lindsey

Our highly experienced and trained consultants are able to create a safe environment so that honest conversations can occur. We leverage these conversations to cultivate internal coherence and collaboration, developing a consistency of practice and language within your schools that enables staff to understand and embrace the unique differences of their students.

White Paper

*What successful teachers do in Diverse Classrooms
-N. Glasgow, S. McNary, C. Hicks (2006)

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