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Equity in Education

At Generation Ready, we believe that there can be no educational excellence without educational equity. Educators have a responsibility to adapt to the diversity of their community, not limited to the dominant mainstream culture. In order to ensure successful learning for all students, students must “see themselves” in their curriculum and instructional materials. They must have access, support and resources to achieve success in school and become productive citizens. Excellence is evidenced by conditional practices that are associated with learning for all students. Equity exists when systematic educational differences do not exist based upon race, ethnicity, gender, economic status, and other cultural characteristics.

Our extensive work in equity consulting has yielded transformative results in the way of increased graduation rates, reduced discipline incidence rates, improved attendance and academic achievement among students of color.

Generation Ready is a premier national provider of job-embedded professional learning services.

All of our 200+ education consultants have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in roles just like yours – as teachers, principals, coaches or superintendents. Our mission is to support communities to educate a stronger, more vibrant generation of students prepared to meet life’s challenges. We’re not just “another thing” that you purchase for professional development support. Studies show time and again that typical PD courses just don’t work. We’re different in that from day one, we’re in there doing the work alongside you. We listen, we collaborate, and we help you build, implement and execute a plan to bring about real, sustainable change. As a hands-on partner, we’ll meet you where you are – with the team and resources you have, and the goals you wish to achieve.

It’s rare when you encounter a staff development experience that is inspiring, relevant to the life experiences of the students and community you serve, and affords an opportunity for practical application of the concepts you’ve learned in the form of scaffolded planning. Thank you.”

– Mark Gross, Administrator, Lancaster Unified School District

Our Services

All of our engagements begin with an initial diagnostic where we meet with key stakeholders to understand the current challenges and goals of the work. We then conduct a comprehensive school walk through and review the current cultural climate. Next, we educate leadership on the importance of the framework, essential elements and continuum of cultural proficiency. Finally, we develop and discuss our plan for Year One.

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students is of a racial or ethnic minority*

Module 1: Assessing Cultural Knowledge

  • Explore personal beliefs and recognize how one’s individual culture affects the culture of others
  • Adopt a culturally proficient perspective: value diversity
  • Understand individual and organizational cultures and the affect they each have on those with different cultures

Module 2: Managing Dynamics of Difference

  • Mitigate roadblocks to a culturally proficient environment
  • Analyze possible cultural gaps using data
  • Design a plan to eliminate cultural gaps and monitor change
  • Build institutional policy and practice around cultural proficiency

Module 3: Transforming Professional Practice

  • Develop a plan in response to recognized gaps
  • Maximize teaching and learning with culturally relevant instruction
  • Incorporate successful practices for classroom management
  • Develop personal action plans to create agents for student success

CASE STUDY  |   Lynwood Unified School District


The district experiencing many years of longitudinal data reflecting…

High proportional disciplinary infractions for students of color

Low graduation rates for students of color

Large achievement gaps for students of color


Lynwood has partnered with us since 2013 and the professional development has included…

District Workshops

On-site, job-embedded support for teachers

Workshops for Non-credentialed Associates

Workshops for Parents


Academic achievement for students of color have increased

Graduation rates have increased

Suspensions and expulsions have decreased

LUSD now is #2 in California in graduating students of color who have completed UC/Cal State required courses.

Source: California Department of Education

Cultural Proficiency Continuum

Cultural Destructiveness

See the difference,
stomp it out

Cultural Incapacity

See the difference,
make it wrong

Cultural Blindness

See the difference,
act like you don't

Cultural Pre-Competence

See the difference,
respond inadequately

Cultural Competence

See the difference, understand the difference that difference makes

Cultural Proficiency

See the difference and respond effectively in a variety of environments

Source: Randall Lindsey

White Paper

  • Evidence shows that high-quality teaching is the most important influence schools can have on high-quality outcomes for students with diverse learning needs. Evidence also shows that effective teaching and learning depends on the relationship between teachers and students and students’ active engagemen...

*What successful teachers do in Diverse Classrooms
-N. Glasgow, S. McNary, C. Hicks (2006)

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