Virtual & Blended Learning

Making learning click

A successful virtual classroom relies on informed planning and instructional methods that meet the unique demands of the remote learning. Teaching virtually is a steep challenge for teachers and school leaders as well as for students and families. As a leader in providing virtual services, Generation Ready is highly qualified to support your virtual school community.

Our capacity to support digital teaching and learning comes from our experience in delivering virtual learning services in 180 schools over the past five years. We support the development of a strong virtual classroom environment that remains centered around research-driven, best teaching practices.

As innovative new technologies to support virtual teaching and learning are being deployed, we can ensure both teachers and students get the most out of tools. Through support in implementation, planning for virtual lessons, modeling virtual instruction, and more, our consultants meet your teachers where they are and partner with your school to ensure your virtual learning environment “clicks”.

This session gave me a minute to breathe and remind myself that this is a difficult situation for everyone. It is helping me to refocus on what is important.

[The consultant] actually gave me great ideas on how not to teach subtraction and how to do it virtually! I was provided with additional insight as to how students may have different perspectives when subtracting.

This session really helped me as an educator by giving [us] great tools and resources about how to incorporate classroom management strategies in the virtual classroom.