Cultural Proficiency & Equity

Ensuring Education Equity.

For educational excellence to exist, educators must not only teach students but must also support their social and emotional development. To that end, Generation Ready partners with schools and districts to promote educational equity through cultural proficiency. Our needs assessments, customized implementation plans, and professional development solutions ensure that learning and development is possible for every student.

We partner with school and district leadership to create engaging policies and practices that promote effective interactions amongst students, educators, and community members. Our consultants work with teachers and leaders in curriculum development and assist in choosing instructional materials that reflect diversity in their community and world.

Our ultimate goal is to help you create a school environment that fosters academic achievement for every student.

The Cultural Proficiency Continuum

Our Cultural Proficiency Continuum provides a language for understanding one’s true awareness of the cultures and identities of each student. Through self-assessment, the continuum can help to measure attitudes and beliefs in order to recognize both healthy and unhealthy cultural actions.

Boot stomping

Cultural Destructiveness

See the difference, stomp it out!

Universal Sign for Not - circle with a line through it

Cultural Destructiveness

See the difference, make it wrong!

Eye with a line through it

Cultural Blindness

See the difference, act like you don’t!

Silhouette of a snail

Cultural Pre-Competence

See the difference, respond inadequately!

Silhouette of a snail

Cultural Competence

See the difference, understand the difference!

Person assembling a puzzle shaped like a lightbulb

Cultural Proficiency

See the difference and respond effectively!

Our highly experienced and trained consultants are able to create a safe environment so that honest conversations can occur. We leverage these conversations to cultivate internal coherence and collaboration, developing a consistency of practice and language within your schools that enables staff to understand and embrace the unique differences of their students.