School Improvement

A Focus on Continuous Improvement

Grounded in our Six Essential Practices of Effective Schools, Generation Ready brings to our clients an established track record to school improvement. Everything that we do — from our method to our instructional content to the technology that underpins our work — is grounded in this common framework for school improvement, which research shows are characteristics needed for schools to succeed.

Practice-based Goals

Generation Ready’s practice-based goals are combined with your district’s teaching framework rubrics to ensure that the goals and practices you follow are best matched to your specific professional learning needs.

Generation Ready employs a Continuous Cycle of Improvement supports teacher and leader development to improve practices that impact student learning. No two schools are the same and one approach will not work for every school. As such, each engagement begins with a diagnostic process, followed by a shared “Plan of Action” with input and collaboration from key stakeholders. Frequent monitoring of the plan through data collection allows us to engage in a continuous cycle of improvement where we can adjust the plan based on observation and outcome data. By modeling effecting teaching and leading in your school or district, we create a shared vision of effective instruction, a common goal for school success, and a higher expectation for student achievement.