Support for Success in Mathematics.

Everything in mathematics is about alignment of the curriculum. Our support is targeted to assist teachers with their pedagogy as well as planning lessons that are high-quality and standards-aligned for content mastery.

Generation Ready’s Mathematics Professional Learning support creates an environment for teachers to succeed. Our mathematics consultants are highly qualified and offer support in the following six areas for elementary, middle, and secondary math course content.

  • Professional Learning and Instructional Practice
  • Focused Planning on Priority Standards and Curriculum Mapping
  • Teaching Mathematical Progressions
  • Designing Gap Intervention and Grade-level Integration
  • High-Impact Strategies and moving from discussion to discourse
  • Virtual Learning Communities and the Power of Collaboration

Generation Ready mathematics consultants are experienced, evidence-based, collaborative, and customized to meet all of your professional learning needs.

Elementary Math – Building the Foundation.

Foundation of Numeracy – Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

We believe a strong foundation of Mathematics begins in with the development of numeracy and a positive attitude towards learning Mathematics that will continue through their schooling. Our Generation Ready Mathematics consultants support teachers with key elements in mathematics from the design of their instruction to the essential principles of developmental learning – with a centralized focus on problem solving, the concept of number and counting principles.

Operational Fluency – Grades 3 through 5

In the 3rd to 5th grade-band teachers often need support in operational fluency as the focus shifts. Conceptual understanding begins to play a greater importance for instruction and operational fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving strategies are a central focus to student success. Our specialized elementary coaches collaborate with teachers on content and strategies as they work together to create an environment in which their students can thrive mathematics.

Our specialized early childhood mathematics consultants offer school leadership and teachers support in exemplary instructional practice that is designed specifically to support elementary learning. This collaborative team works together for early mathematics developmental success.

Middle School Math – Deepening the Knowledge.

Our advanced middle school mathematics consultants offer support in both content and pedagogy. By Middle school the success or challenges faced by students is largely based on the success of their earlier foundation in math or the gaps of knowledge and skills that they may have. In Grade 6 and 7 the focus transitions from fluency to reasonableness of answers, ratio, and proportionality of number and the further development of algebraic thinking and pre-function development. Whilst in Grade 8 the teacher focus is more on interventions and foundation for success in Algebra and high-level mathematics. Embedded support and professional learning is critical for 8th grade, a pivotal year for secondary success.

Our team of highly skilled middle school mathematics consultants support teachers in these shifts by differentiating content, designing interventions and strengthening instructional strategies and delivery with a focus on real-world mathematical problem solving.

High School Math – Developing Conceptual Learners.

High School Mathematics is extremely specialized, and our team of High school mathematics consultants not only has expertise in instruction but also in the depth of content required at this level. Our high school coaching support is targeted towards assisting teachers with planning lessons that are interactive and high-quality, using standards-aligned current curriculum and appropriate resources and for mastery of the to achieve content. Teachers are also guided in their pedagogy to use the Eight Mathematical Practices to move their students from procedure and practice to conceptual learners.

Our team of high school consultants not only have an advanced level of content expertise but are passionate about mathematics. They coach teachers’ side by side by helping them create a rich learning environment for their students in which they will be successful and confident learners with a love of mathematics.