Elementary Literacy is the foundation.

We believe in equity and inclusion – Learning to read and write is the most important and critical educational outcomes of elementary education. The ability to read and write is fundamental to children’s learning, their development of broader literacy skills, and to their future successful participation in society, and the workforce.

We’re not just one size fits all – We offer specialized services in the elementary sector to ensure teachers are trained in implementing the “Big Six” (Oral Language, Phonological awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension) and writing; the framework for evidence-based literacy instruction.

We form a collaborative partnership – We will partner with you in preparing students for reading and writing success in school, college, and career. Our approach to instructional literacy practices is grounded in the belief that ownership of literacy is central to students’ lifelong success. We believe building school success entails building a community and culture of learning, focused on student achievement.

We understand that literacy instruction is driven by assessment – We provide thorough training in schooling teachers on how to administer literacy assessments, and train teachers in analyzing this data to plan for whole class, small group, and independent work.

Generation Ready’s goal is to support schools to ensure all students have the strongest start possible on college and career.

Middle School Literacy.

Middle school students thrive in settings that provoke rich discussions and that afford opportunities to read and respond to increasingly complex texts. In such settings, students begin to develop more structured writing styles and produce more formal, research-based written work.

As middle school students gradually become more independent learners, Generation Ready can provide coaching support for schools using the most effective research-based strategies, such as Reciprocal Reading, data driven small group instruction, vocabulary enrichment, reading diagnostics and assessments, Socratic seminars and debate. Generation Ready’s consultants are experienced and skilled at providing coaching and support for middle school leaders and teachers. We collaborate and support teachers as they plan and deliver instruction that meets individual students’ unique needs .

For both in-person and blended settings, our consultants can provide coaching support that can transform the literacy learning experience for middle school students. We work with teachers to strengthen their ability to provide successful and engaging literacy instruction students in their classrooms

High School Literacy.

As High School students become independent readers and writers, content literacy becomes a more important area of instructional focus. High school and pre-college courses involve interdisciplinary literacy demands. Generation Ready Consultants have the instructional content as well as literacy knowledge and experience to make a difference in high school communities. Our consultants provide specialized English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Language literacy support for teachers to plan, engage and empower their young adult learners.

We collaborate with teacher teams and individuals to embed the use of literacy learning strategies which best support High School students. Our coaching provides teachers with support to improve critical reading; use of academic language and development of skills in analyzing and comprehending increasingly technical texts and documents.

We are committed to providing the highest quality coaching experiences in person or within blended learning settings to support the diverse and specialized needs of High School educators in preparing their students for college and career readiness and success.