Generation Ready Star - smallCase Studies

Radically Improving Outcomes for Children

School: 14K120, Carlos Patia School
State/District: D15 NYC DOE
Content Area: Math
Grade: K-5

The Carlos Patia School had a history of persistent low performance and progress. The motivation for this work was to provide teachers an opportunity to change the course of this trajectory by helping them deepen their content knowledge in mathematics, supporting instructional planning and classroom instructional delivery. The goal for this project was to help build capacity across the school by developing a more robust, collaborative, coherent culture of mathematical teaching and learning in grades K-5, through targeted, job-embedded professional learning.

Percentage of students at Math 3 or 4 

3rd Grade
  • 3rd Grade 31% 31%


  • 3rd Grade 37% 37%


4th Grade
  • 4th Grade 39% 39%


  • 4th Grade 62% 62%


5th Grade
  • 5th Grade 35% 35%


  • 5th Grade 46% 46%


Before GR Consulting

After GR Consulting

Source: NYC School Performance Dashboard