Science of Reading Webinar - October 17, 2022

Science of Reading: 
Introduction for Teachers and Paras

Everyone’s talking about it–but what IS it? This workshop explains what is, and what is not, the Science of Reading. We’ll learn how proficient readers and writers develop, and what interventions work when difficulties arise. Participants will come away with an understanding of:

  • Reading Development and processing in the brain
  • Components of skilled reading
  • Ways to address the components of sckilled reading, specifically:
    • Increasing oral language and its connection to reading
    • Vocabulary development and acquisition
    • Phonological and phonemic awareness and phonics
    • Orthographic mapping
    • High-frequency word instruction
    • Word walls vs. sound walls

These key takeaways will allow participants to asses their own literacy curriculums, and classroom practices to consider shifts they might need to make to allow for more impactful, and science-based, reading instruction.