Generation Ready and NABSE Partner to Close the Achievement Gap in Minority Communities

January 16, 2014 

NEW YORK – Strong teachers make strong students. That’s the belief underlying a new partnership designed to raise student achievement by developing teachers and school leaders.

Generation Ready, one of the nation’s largest providers of professional development and school improvement services, has announced a national partnership with the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) to offer leadership support and teacher professional learning. The partnership is designed to change the disparities that exist among under-served students in English Language Arts and mathematics.

“Our nation has faced an achievement gap within minority communities since the 1970s, and we can’t accept the status quo,” said Dr. Bernard Hamilton, NABSE’s president. “Generation Ready comes with years of leadership and experience working in both rural and urban districts. Our organizations will work together to improve the educational experiences of students and increase overall achievement.”

Justin Serrano, Generation Ready CEO, said the partnership is a chance to collaborate with teachers and school leaders in the classroom in ways that matter most.

“Generation Ready brings its years of experience supporting school leaders and teachers to the partnership with NABSE. With our expertise and scale, we can offer tailored professional learning solutions to the thousands of NABSE educators who recognize that by empowering and supporting teachers, we can significantly impact student achievement,” Serrano said.

In November, Generation Ready sponsored the 2013 NABSE Annual Conference in Detroit. Generation Ready will work with NABSE by offering leadership workshops, teacher development and parent trainings across the country related to the employment of effective instructional strategies which will increase academic achievement for all students.

Generation Ready also has committed to supporting the 2014 NABSE Annual Conference in Kansas City, Mo.

About Generation Ready

With roots that go back 20 years, Generation Ready is the nation’s leading professional development partner, working with superintendents, principals and teachers to elevate student achievement through professional learning services and targeted school and district solutions. Created through acquisition by Weld North Holdings LLC in September 2012, Generation Ready combines the deep expertise and resources of two long-renowned education organizations – Editure/AUSSIE Professional Development and JBHM Education Group. Our mission is to support teachers and school leaders in order to educate a stronger, more vibrant generation of students prepared to meet life’s challenges. For more information, visit

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