A Positive Mentor and Team Member Invested in Your Success

Generation Ready educational consultants are a team of professional educators with decades of experience as teachers, coaches, administrators, curriculum planners, and professors. The depth and breadth of this experience allows them to provide support to all members of the education community from administrators to parents— by bringing practical, hands-on experience to the consultancy work. They are committed to, and have extensive experience in, partnering with schools and teachers to raise the standards, rigor and expectations for students.

Consistent, high standard of excellence

For professional development to have a positive impact on student achievement, consultants need to have the expertise to lead others in the process of change. Generation Ready educational consultants have this expertise.  Our consultants are selected on the basis of their extensive experience in leadership and curriculum expertise. They bring a global perspective to their work as they help our schools incorporate best practices from across the United States and around the world.

Our education consultants understand best practices in teaching and are thoroughly familiar with standards-based teaching and assessment. They use data as a starting point and plan strategic change for schools, teacher teams, and individual teachers. Their knowledge of latest curricula and instructional reforms allow them to identify barriers to learning and plan to overcome these challenges.

Our Six Essential Practices of Effective Schools provide the framework for all our work in schools and this is supported by technology tools that track and report on progress. These tools provide a high level of accountability to our work. This combined with our unique and comprehensive consultant review process ensures that our partners receive the quality professional development consultancy they deserve.

Collaboration: a shared passion for student success

Generation Ready believes every student deserves an effective teacher and the low rates of progress often associated with poor rural and/or urban areas are neither inevitable nor unchangeable. Effective teaching matters more than such factors as family income, parent education, and ethnicity.Generation Ready educational consultants are skilled in using data to identify the learning needs of your students and the professional development needs of your teachers and move quickly through the assessment and planning phases to implementation.  They roll up their sleeves to provide the support that guides your professional growth and school success to improve the learning outcomes for students.

We match partners we believe will work well together because our experience shows this makes the collaboration more effective and rewarding. We focus on your highest-priority needs, collaborating closely with you to achieve success on professional learning assignments, district-wide instructional initiatives, or total school improvement.