Our Experience

Generation Ready is a leader in providing virtual services to support your school community.
As innovative new technologies to support virtual teaching and learning are being deployed, we can ensure both teachers and students get the most out of tools.
Our capacity to support digital teaching and learning comes from our experience in delivering virtual learning services in 180 schools over the past five years.


Virtual Teaching and Learning Support

Your consultant can support your virtual school community to:

  • Implement a virtual classroom environment that takes advantage of industry standard collaboration tools (like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and many more) to meet your classroom and student needs
  • Ensure your current curriculum meets the needs of your students in a virtual learning environment
  • Ensure continuity in delivering highly effective teaching and learning during a rapid (and potentially challenging) transition to a virtual environment
  • Build meaningful relationships between teachers and students, reinvent your approaches to learning and collaboration, shrink long-standing equity and accessibility gaps, and adapt learning experiences to meet the needs of all learners


Virtual Professional Learning

Generation Ready consultants can support your teachers to:

  • Interact and connect virtually with their students and families
  • Design daily or weekly virtual schedules and check-in sessions
  • Facilitate virtual PLC sessions
  • Strengthen their virtual teaching skills and strategies
  • Develop differentiated Content and Curriculum to meet the challenging needs of their students
  • Coordinate support for providers of SWD and ELL mandated services to continue to deliver services virtually
  • Use the power of virtual learning tools to facilitate the delivery of regular and ongoing feedback to students
  • Ensure that virtual education strategies are sensitive to educational equity

Practical Virtual Tools for Student Engagement

Assessing and Giving Feedback to Your Virtual Learners