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A Successful Start

While there is no one way to teach all students to read and write successfully, there is clear, documented evidence of the most effective features of practice. We know that children learn to read and write best in a context where the reading and writing have meaning and there is a sense that literacy is not just taught but lived every day in the classroom. While our services span K-12, we offer specialized services in the areas of K-3 and adolescent literacy.

Successful K-3 classrooms are complex, dynamic learning environments where teachers provide purposeful literacy experiences for every student. In well-managed classrooms, the teachers plan for whole class, small group, and independent work. Generation Ready’s goal is to support schools to ensure all students have the strongest start possible on their path to graduation.


Changing literacy outcomes for adolescents

Adolescence is a critical time for students. Expectations for them as readers increase, while explicit literacy instruction decreases.

Literacy instruction is one of the greatest challenges faced by teachers of adolescents, yet today’s academic standards demand that all students, including English language learners and students with disabilities, have the strategies needed to read and comprehend increasingly complex texts. Generation Ready’s adolescent literacy services ensure that ELA, science and social studies teachers are supported in addressing the literacy demands of their content area so that all students complete school with the literacy skills required for success in college and their careers.

The work we do with your leaders and teachers builds upon, rather than replaces the programs and practices you already have in place within your school and/or district. Our expert adolescent literacy consultants work collaboratively with your school and/or district leaders to create and implement an evidence-based, customized action plan in response to your goals, needs and budget.

My children are writing in December what they usually wouldn’t be until April … I love it! The students love it, and I’m so proud of them!``

– Teacher, Ann Smith Elementary School, Jackson, MS

Our goals were achieved as evidenced by the collaborative effort between the teachers and Generation Ready. They were instrumental in the implementation of the literacy assessment system and ensuring that the data collected was understood as they enhanced the teacher-created curriculum units.``

– Principal, Bronx, NY

Generation Ready's ELA Professional Learning Services

  • Explicit teaching and guiding of reading and writing strategies
  • Providing a balance of shared, guided and independent work
  • Raising expectations for questioning, discussion, and vocabulary, and risk-taking
  • Strengthening assessments through comprehension analysis and the use of reading and writing rubrics
  • Catering to the diverse needs of students
  • Engaging students in challenging learning experiences
  • Teaching comprehension strategies to read increasingly complex texts


New York City Results

Our partner schools in New York City have shown significant growth in ELA proficiency

P.S. 007 Kingsbridge School

Bronx, NY


Year-Over-Year Change in Proficiency

P.S. 154 Harriet Tubman

New York, NY


Year-Over-Year Change in Proficiency

Case Studies

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P.S. 198 Manhattan Beach School, Brooklyn, NY

Area of Focus: ELA

P.S. 198 is an elementary school serving a high poverty inner city community in Brooklyn. 94% of the 503 students are from minority (Hispanic and African American) backgrounds. The first Common Core-aligned state tests were administered in 2013 and the results were disappointing, prompting the school to adopt a new curriculum and enlist our help to adapt and supplement the curriculum in order to meet the diverse needs of their students. During literacy instruction, teachers began asking higher order questions and generating stimulating discussions resulting in student engagement in rigorous classroom instruction. All teacher teams were involved in the creation of rubrics for writing standards 1, 2 and 3 as a more effective way of monitoring students’ progress.

As a result of this work, teachers now use the writing rubrics to increase the expectations of the writing they receive from students. Teachers now use more actionable comments when giving feedback to students on writing tasks. With more focused teaching, there was a significant increase in students meeting state standards.

P.S. 198

Percentage Growth in Students Meeting or Exceeding State Standards

Grade 3 - 20130%
Grade 3 - 20140%
Grade 4 - 20130%
Grade 4 - 20140%
Grade 5 - 20130%
Grade 5 - 20140%

       – Before Generation Ready Consultation

       – After Generation Ready Consultation

Ann Smith Elementary School, Ridgeland, MS

Area of Focus: ELA

Ann Smith Elementary partnered with Generation Ready in 2012. The principal wanted to ensure teachers had a common understanding of best practices across the teaching of writing and had consistently rigorous expectations for students as writers across the grades. As a result of the work, the volume of writing increased as well as the quality. Teachers now see writing as an integral part of reading instruction. Halls are filled with displays of student writing and classrooms show evidence of student work, anchor charts and writing samples for each student. The principal noted that teachers became self-reflective about their instruction.

As observed in a Grade 1 class, the majority of students completed the school year at or above grade level compared to the beginning of the year.

DeSoto County School District, DeSoto County, MS

Area of Focus: ELA

DeSoto County School District is the largest school district in Mississippi with a total of 33,140 students and 38 schools. Prior to the partnership, the district’s ELA Director and other staff members visited Generation Ready’s lab-site school (Riser Middle School in West Monroe, LA) for an understanding of the work conducted in a Middle School Literacy Initiative (MSLI). DeSoto County partnered with Generation Ready in August 2015 to work with three of the district’s 6-8 Grade Title I middle schools (Horn Lake Middle School, Lake Cormorant Middle School and Olive Branch Middle School) to implement MSLI.

As a result of the partnership, the percentage of students in the grade level proficient and above grade level proficient risk groups increased from 38% to 53%. For all schools, DRP scores increased 4.9 DRP levels. Further, the largest growth was seen in students that were severely at-risk with an increase of 7.2 DRP levels.

DeSoto County School District –

Decrease in Percentage of Students At Risk

Comparison of All Students by DRP Group

* Only the three middle schools that partnered with
Generation Ready are represented in this graph
New York City Public Schools Showing Significant Growth in ELA Proficiency

Data from 2015-2016 School Year Common Core Test Results

School Year-over-Year Change
in ELA Proficiency
Reduced & Free
Lunch Rate
P.S 007 Kingsbridge School + 22.5 86%
P.S 204 Morris Heights School + 20.2 100%
Manhattan Beach + 19.8 86%
Yorkville Community School + 19.1 40%
P.S 154 Harriet Tubman + 15.8 97%
P.S. 65 Academy of Innovative Learning + 15.6 100%
P.S 19 Asher Levy + 15.0 100%
P.S 049 Willis Avenue School + 13.6 97%
P.S. 105 Sen Abraham Bernstein + 13.2 89%
P.S 087 + 12.7 86%
P.S 555 Mount Eden Children’s Academy + 12.6 93%
P.S 366 Washington Heights Academy + 12.5 87%
Academy of Independent Learning & Leadership + 12.4 88%
Statewide Average + 7.0  
New York City Average + 7.6

Support to Accelerate Growth for English Learners

Current achievement data suggest that ELs, especially the existing high percentage of long-term ELs, lag far behind their peers. As schools roll out plans to implement academic standards, experts voice concern that there is insufficient support to address the EL achievement gap across all core content areas. In all of our engagements, we help teachers and leaders to:

  • Identify and address language objectives appropriate for a range of proficiencies
  • Increase the quantity and quality of student academic discourse
  • Provide rigorous academic language instruction that emphasizes oral language skills leading to writing skills

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