Robert F. Wagner Jr. Secondary School

Queens, NY



  • Generation Ready partnered with Robert F. Wagner Jr. Secondary School for math professional development during the 2013-2014 school year
  • School wanted support in developing instructional practices that aligned with Danielson’s Framework, Common Core Learning Standards, school-wide curriculum and the new Common Core Regents Examinations

Focus of Services:

  • Plan curriculum that aligns with the Common Core Learning Standards
  • Broaden the range of strategies and techniques used by math teachers to increase student engagement
  • Establish professional learning teams so teachers could work together and align their instructional practice with new shifts in mathematics learning
  • Support teachers as teachers tried new strategies in classroom delivery and as they developed new units of work to promote student understanding
  • Use of formative assessments to make instructional decisions


  • Teachers demonstrated increased familiarity with and use of Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics and were able to discuss and customize elements of the instructional shifts required to meet the mathematics standards in the classroom
  • Teachers implemented the use of contextual problems and deeper questioning techniques in mathematics
  • Teachers increased the use of problem solving, explanation, justification, group work, and share-outs within math classrooms and planned standards-aligned units of study with multiple entry points to cater to diverse needs of students
  • 2014 was the 2nd year of Common Core-aligned assessments and students showed significant growth from the previous year
  • The growth in the eighth grade students was significantly more than the rest of the city