Olive Branch Middle School

Desoto County, MS



  • Partnered with Olive Branch Middle School in 2015 to implement the Middle School Literacy Initiative (MSLI)
  • MSLI is a comprehensive approach to raising literacy outcomes
  • The primary focus was to improve the Tier I literacy instruction across content areas

Focus of Services:

  • Provided 40 days of onsite coaching support for Grade 6
  • Supported the use of a universal reading screener to target instruction and monitor student progress
  • Increased the quantity and quality of student time on text
  • Provided explicit reading comprehension instruction
  • Increased the volume of academic vocabulary
  • Expanded academic discussion


  • The percentage of students of students at or above grade level increased to over 60% in the spring (compared to 54% in the fall)
  • The percentage of students at-risk decreased from 18.5% in the fall to 10% in the spring
  • Student scores grew 4.4 DRP levels on average in the spring vs. the fall; more than 47% higher than the national median for Grade 6 students