M.S. X383 – Emolior Academy

Bronx, NY



  • One of the lowest performing middle schools in New York City
  • Joined New York City Department of Education’s (NYCDOE) Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) in 2012
  • Generation Ready is NYCDOE’s lead partner in MSQI
  • The principal and teachers were committed to providing a safe and stimulating learning environment
  • Currently Emolior is in the third year of MSQI
  • Emolior struggled to improve learning outcomes for students

Focus of Services:

  • Provide support for both the tiered intervention in Grades 6 and 7 and the ELA teachers as they introduced a new curriculum across the school
  • Increasing students’ ability to comprehend complex text and improve outcomes for students through explicit teaching of comprehension strategies
  • Introducing small group work so students can collaborate in text-based discussions
  • Generation Ready consultant and Emolior teachers worked together to analyze and use student assessment data from the comprehension assessment Degrees of Reading Power (DRP)
  • Use data to develop a tiered intervention strategy where students receive appropriate interventions


  • All ELA classes now have explicit teaching of comprehension strategies in place and students are more deeply engaged in increasingly complex texts
  • Increased focus on data resulted in students being grouped and regrouped following analysis of DRP data
  • ELLs are provided with reading instruction to suit their developing level of English competence
  • Instruction is aligned across the grades and to student needs in meeting the CCSS from year to year
  • Resources for ELA are engaging for students and teachers have a wide variety of materials to enhance the curriculum
  • DRP results for the 8th grade students who participated in MSQI since February 2012 show an increase in comprehension
Without Generation Ready's support in the process, I don't think we'd have the success that we currently have with our ELA Department, with our ELA scores, with our understanding of literacy and how it affects all contents across the board.``

 – Derrick Spaulding, Principal, Emolior Academy