Ann Smith Elementary School

Ridgeland, MS



  • Partnered with Generation Ready in 2012
  • First year focus was to ensure that the structures for reading and writing workshops were in place
  • While students made progress in reading, the principal wanted to see a similar improvement in students’ writing
  • Principal wanted to ensure teachers had a common understanding of best practices across teaching writing and had consistently rigorous expectations for students as writers across the grades

Focus of Services:

  • Build a workable model for the implementation of a comprehensive writing focus that included three types of writing necessary for Common Core State Standards (opinion, informative/explanatory, narrative)
  • Build cohesiveness regarding effective writing instruction and expectations for the quality of writing
  • Build instructional capacity and confidence in planning and delivery of explicit writing instruction
  • Increase the volume and quality of students’ writing in all grades
  • Increase the frequency and quality of student/ teacher conferring over writing


  • Volume of writing increased as well as the quality
  • Teachers see writing as an integral part of reading instruction
  • Halls are filled with displays of student writing, and classrooms show evidence of student work, anchor charts and writing samples for each student
  • Principal noted that teachers became self-reflective about their instruction
  • As observed in a Grade 1 class, the majority of students completed the school year at or above grade level compared to the beginning of the year

My children are writing in December what they usually wouldn’t be until April…I love it! The students love it, and I’m so proud of them!” – Teacher, Ann Smith Elementary School