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Working alongside teachers and principals, our educational consultants work with you to build capacity and raise student achievement.




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When you work with Generation Ready, you have a partner that shares your passion for student success. We focus on your highest-priority needs, collaborating closely with you to achieve success on professional learning assignments, districtwide instructional initiatives or total school improvement. Our combination of people, rigorous processes and data-driven accountability offers an integrated system that empowers you to impact teacher effectiveness, close student achievement gaps, create a culture of continuous improvement and assure that the next generation is ready to meet the world.



We’ll model what balanced literacy looks like in practice, demonstrate effective reading and writing strategies and show you how to cater to the diverse needs of all learners.


Learn to build mathematical capacity as we model effective math instruction and help deepen teachers’ understanding of CCLS and assessment strategies.


Whether you are a new or established principal, we can help you build effective teams, deliver high-quality instruction and bring school performance to the next level.


We’ll show you how to ensure an equitable education for all students regardless of gender, socio-economic status or ethnic origin so that every child is able to succeed.


In addition to providing an intensive focus on classroom teaching, we offer school and district leaders a framework for decision-making, resource allocation, and targeted differentiated support that improves school performance.


We’ll coach your teachers in content, classroom and behavioral management to minimize barriers that frequently prevent students with special needs from successfully meeting grade-level standards.


Our thoughtful and detailed analysis will help you empower your school staff with actionable changes that will improve student learning while creating a sense of momentum and possibility.



Generation Ready provided direct and effective one-on-one coaching and curriculum support to our struggling teachers. We found their approach to adapting to the needs of our parish, as well as the needs of the curriculum, to be one of the most important aspects of their work. We have experienced remarkable success through our partnership with Generation Ready.“

Superintendent Alison Hughes, Red River Parish

Riser Middle School Case Study


  • Generation Ready partnered with Riser Middle School in 2014 to implement the Middle School Literacy Initiative (MSLI)
  • MSLI is a comprehensive approach to raising literacy outcomes
  • The primary focus of the work was to improve the instruction of Tier I literacy instruction across content areas

Focus of Services:

  • Generation Ready provided 60 days of onsite coaching support
  • Supported the use of a universal reading screener to target instruction and monitor student progress
  • Improved Tier I literacy instruction by supporting teachers in:
    • Increasing the quantity and quality of student time on text
    • Providing explicit reading comprehension instruction
    • Increasing the volume of academic vocabulary
    • Expanding academic discussion


  • Results are for the 459 students who took the DRP in Fall 2014, and 435 students who took the DRP in Spring 2015
  • As seen in the table to the right, Riser Middle School exceeded the national annual growth for the DRP score by an average of 115%
  • Greatest growth was seen in 8th grade
  • Over 10% growth of students reading above grade level
  • Over 13% drop of students at risk / two-or-more grade levels below

Support for Special Populations

Meeting the educational needs of special populations, whether they are students with unique disabilities or English learners, requires distinct teaching skills. We offer specialized strategies to address a broad range of teaching skills related to students with specific learning needs and students learning English as a second language.

If you want to change the culture or climate of a school, start with the adults and the kids will follow.”

– Mike Cox, Superintendent Osceola School District

  • Evidence shows that high-quality teaching is the most important influence schools can have on high-quality outcomes for students with diverse learning needs. Evidence also shows that effective teaching and learning depends on the relationship between teachers and students and students’ active engagement.

  • The old paradigm of balanced instruction focused on enabling children and teachers to achieve success at school. Today’s paradigm focuses on students achieving college and career readiness in life, beyond school. The old paradigm of balanced instruction focused on enabling children and teachers to succeed at school. Today, the focus is for students to achieve college and career readiness in life beyond school.

  • The most powerful way to raise student achievement is through professional learning. More than ever before, students need effective teaching if they are to develop the higher order thinking skills they will need to be career and college ready in the 21st century. At the same time the expectations for student achievement are being raised, the student population in schools is becoming increasingly diverse. This means the need for effective professional development for schools and teachers is critical.