Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Professional Learning Services

Supporting Your School’s Cycle of Improvement

Have you implemented new initiatives, but aren’t seeing a measureable difference in student performance? How are you meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse student population? How effectively does your curriculum promote student learning?

Generation Ready’s Comprehensive Needs Assessment will support your school’s continuous cycle of improvement by providing an external lens on all of your efforts to foster student achievement. For nearly 25 years, we have partnered with schools and districts to focus on the quality of education being provided and its impact on student learning and achievement. Our thoughtful and detailed analysis will help you understand and act upon your performance in order for your school to support ongoing improvement.

We understand the need for teachers to evolve their practice in profoundly different ways in order to make the instructional shifts required to meet new standards. In addition to focusing on the curriculum and instruction, schools must alter how they engage students to bring about sustainable change.

Our goal: empower your school staff with actionable changes that will improve student learning while creating a sense of momentum and possibility.

If you want to change the culture or climate of a school, start with the adults and the kids will follow.

– Mike Cox, Superintendent, Osceola School District
Lynwood Unified School District, Lynwood, CA

Essential Practices of Effective Schools

Our Comprehensive Needs Assessment offers an objective evaluation of the impact school management, professional leadership, and teaching are having on students’ learning and achievement. We provide a comprehensive and customized audit for each school within the context of the Six Essential Practices of Effective Schools. This framework helps us evaluate how well the school is organized to support student achievement.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Our consultants collaborate with school leaders, staff, teachers, students, and parents in order to evaluate the environment of each school and to identify its unique strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Classroom Instruction

Teacher observations and interviews to determine the teachers’ knowledge of assessment-curriculum alignment and the extent to which the standards are effectively utilized to design classroom instruction


Quantitative data from state assessment scores and school or
district benchmarks


Instructional time, supportive learning climate, and supplemental instructional services provided to students

Surveys and Focus Groups

With administrators, principals, teachers, students, and parents

Action Plan for Improvement

Our team provides a written report to the school and/or district detailing the results of the analysis, including areas of celebration and recommendations for a course of action. This report provides evidence-based information about the school’s development and serves as a source of feedback for school leaders to improve the school’s support for students. This personalized plan will also include both long-term performance goals and short-term implementation milestones that are part of an overarching continuous improvement process.