Literacy Design Collaborative

Professional Learning Services

A Collaborative Approach to Student Achievement

As an approved professional development provider for Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC), Generation Ready has a certified team of experienced consultants that can effectively support schools and/or districts in using LDC to improve teacher effectiveness and student learning.

Generation Ready

Generation Ready is a premier national provider of teacher and leader professional learning services. The hallmark of Generation Ready’s work is its expertise in literacy-focused professional development. Uniquely combining deep instructional job-embedded coaching and evidence-based expertise with innovative technology tools, Generation Ready’s work with schools and districts has proven to result in sustained professional growth and improved student learning. With more than 22 years of experience, the company’s primary focus has been to improve instructional practice in the classroom.

Literacy Design Collaborative

LDC is a non-profit collaborative of 50,000+ teachers and educators dedicated to integrating effective literacy instruction into their classrooms, content areas, and schools. LDC works at three levels. First, it supports teachers in improving the quality of instruction and in developing key teacher skills and competencies. Second, LDC augments existing approaches at the curriculum or practice level. Finally, it works at the system level to drive alignment across curriculum, assessment, and practice. Schools and districts using LDC to strengthen their existing curriculum are seeing significant growth in student literacy achievement and engagement.

By going through the planning process and working with our Generation Ready consultant, my ELA teachers are using and adapting tasks to best fit their students’ needs. This has resulted in a giant leap in the quality of work that my students are expected to do! ”

– Kiri Soares, Principal, Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women, Brooklyn, NY

Our Services

The hybrid approach of integrating LDC resources and Generation Ready’s research-based, job-embedded consulting can be highly customized based on the needs of new and established LDC users, resulting in remarkable student achievement. Below are two of our most popular approaches to the work:

Students in LDC classrooms gained



additional months for reading compared to a matching comparison group.*

New LDC Users

Collaborate to Improve Literacy Outcomes

We can support your teachers and leaders by providing professional development and classroom coaching in:

  • Using the LDC platform to develop standards-aligned instruction that culminates in rigorous writing tasks

  • Developing instructional strategies that support students in comprehending complex texts

  • Incorporating explicit expository and argumentative writing instruction

  • Using strategies to promote complex academic discourse

  • Effectively implementing LDC curriculum through demonstration, coaching, feedback and formative assessments of student writing products decisions

  • Facilitating and supporting educators as they take the three LDC online courses

  • Supporting data analytics and implementing an action plan for utilizing data to drive improvement

Established LDC Users

Expand Your Practice for Next-Level Success

We can support your schools and districts in deepening and broadening your practice by:

  • Providing professional learning and classroom coaching for ELA, math, science and social studies teachers

  • Coaching teams of teachers on revising LDC modules to make them exemplary

  • Using student reading data to inform LDC module design to promote differentiated instruction and student success

  • Developing systems and structures to screen middle and high school students on their reading ability, sharing data with classroom teachers and monitoring student progress

  • Aligning school-wide curriculum maps to student performance and CCSS literacy anchor standards

  • Developing and implementing a strategy for common writing assignments across grades and schools

  • Facilitating and supporting educators as they take the three LDC online courses

  • Supporting data analytics and implementing an action plan for utilizing data to drive improvement

*Measured by Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress

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