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ReadyPath: Take charge of your professional learning

[quote float=”right”] ReadyPath is better than anything out there! – Dede Smith, Assistant Superintendent, Petal School District, MS [/quote] The collaborative nature of our approach allows teachers and leaders to have the tools, technology, data, resources and knowledge to take charge of their own professional development. In all of our engagements, educators have the opportunity to monitor their own professional advancement through the use of our mobile-first professional learning system, ReadyPathTM.

The ReadyPath platform ties the entire professional learning process together, serving as a planning tool, resource for content and forum for collaboration. At the beginning of every engagement, our education consultants work with teachers and leaders to plan and advance towards their individual and school and/or district-wide goals. These plans are captured, monitored and documented in the ReadyPath system, informing recommendations for the engagement and modifying plans in response to outcomes. With the capability to align state, district and school rubrics to the platform, teachers and leaders can see for themselves where improvement is needed and where growth is made.

Who uses ReadyPath?

  • State departments
  • District leaders
  • School leaders
  • Coaches
  • Teachers
  • Consultants

Classrooms today are complex and dynamic learning environments. Generation Ready works with schools and districts to enhance the quality of teaching so that you, as teachers and leaders, have the greatest impact on student learning. Just as the Continuous Cycle of Improvement promotes advancement, so do the tools within ReadyPath – observation, feedback, goals, actions and supporting content – which are all geared towards teacher and leader enrichment.

Powerful content linked to productive actions

Rapid, sustainable professional development relies on useful instructional and pedagogical content. ReadyPath’s Learn Library makes finding and linking to content easy, giving teachers a practical view of the way forward: what needs to be done, how to do it, and what it should look like. Developed by Generation Ready’s expert education consultants, Learn Library has over 300 modules tied to relevant rubrics, actual student work, exemplary instructional units, lesson plans, performance tasks, PLC study content, and teaching practice videos that are constantly refreshed.

As needs are defined through ReadyPath’s planning tools, appropriate resources are linked directly to tasks in teachers’ professional development plans. Learn more today.

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