Job-embedded learning

Professional learning where it’s most effective: on the job

Leaders and teachers need to engage in continuous professional learning to meet the challenges of the college and career readiness standards. The timeworn style of professional development through pull out workshops just doesn’t work. Instead, the most powerful way to raise student achievement is through continuous and collaborative professional learning for teachers and leaders.

Generation Ready takes this continuous and collaborative professional learning right into the classroom. We’ve been honing this practice for over 20 years and it’s been proven to produce high-quality results for thousands of teachers.


Job-embedded learning allows for teachers and leaders to feel supported as they change their practices to improve student outcomes. Our education consultants work shoulder-to-shoulder modeling lessons, teaming teachers, creating lab sights within schools, participating in collaborative planning, and providing feedback and support to educators at every stage.

Throughout the school year, our education consultants work directly with teachers in the classroom, during grade level or subject area group meetings and one-on-one. This work typically takes place over 30 to 60 days on-site during which the roles of consultant and teacher shift from demonstrations and close mentoring towards observation and feedback.


School leaders also benefit from our job-embedded model. Generation Ready’s education consultants collaborate with principals and administrators within the context of their daily routine, providing guidance that prepares them to become more effective instructional leaders and education professionals.

Regardless of role – whether teacher, principal or superintendent – the job-embedded approach remains consistent. It’s a team-oriented, evidence-driven partnering strategy that’s been proven to work, time and again.

Using ReadyPath, teachers and leaders can see their progress throughout each engagement. They can see their areas of growth and where they still need to improve and most importantly, through the constant support and feedback from our education consultants, educators feel empowered to drive student success.