Generation Ready Partners with Parents for Public Schools

Generation Ready Partners with Parents for Public Schools

August 21, 2013

Generation Ready Believes Parent-School Relationships Crucial to Success

New York, NY – When it comes to school improvement, parents are an integral part of the process.
That’s why Generation Ready, one of the nation’s largest providers of professional development and school improvement services, has announced a national partnership with Parents for Public Schools (PPS) to keep parents informed and engaged in school improvement efforts.

PPS is a national organization with local chapters throughout the country that elevates the role of parents in public schools from passive consumers to active participants. PPS parents help raise standards, solve problems and advocate for their community. In short, PPS parents demand excellent schools and have the skills to help make it happen.

“Parents are a crucial part of a successful school. Our education consultants working in both rural and urban schools will benefit tremendously from collaboration with PPS,” said Justin Serrano, Chief Executive Officer of Generation Ready. “When parents are properly engaged, strong parent-teacher relationships develop, benefiting the entire school improvement process.”

Linda Perks, a mother of five, became involved with the PPS program after moving to Mississippi five years ago.

“Parents for Public Schools has helped me understand that my involvement is key to my child’s success,” said Perks. “There is a component of leadership that parents can offer to help navigate school improvement.”

Generation Ready believes so strongly in the idea of “strong home, school and community” involvement that it embedded this principle into the company’s Six Essential Practices of Effective Schools. This unique, evidence-based system of job-embedded education consultancy is at the heart of all of our professional development and school improvement work. With the Six Essential Practices at its core, Generation Ready has built a proven track record of building capacity in turnaround schools and ensuring a tight connection between professional development and student achievement. You can see some of the results achieved by Generation Ready’s education consultants by visiting

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With roots that go back 20 years, Generation Ready is the nation’s leading professional development partner, working with superintendents, principals and teachers to elevate student achievement through professional learning services and targeted school and district solutions. Created through acquisition by Weld North Holdings LLC in September of 2012, Generation Ready combines the deep expertise and resources of two long-renowned education organizations – Editure/AUSSIE Professional Development and JBHM Education Group. Our mission is to support teachers and school leaders in order to educate a stronger, more vibrant generation of students prepared to meet life’s challenges. For more information, visit

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