K-12 Educational Leadership Consultant

Full-Time Per Diem Employee / Part-Time Per Diem Employee

New York City, New York State (Immediate Start: April 2019)


We believe that the key to providing effective professional development is to understand it as an ongoing process that is embedded in the daily work of teachers and leaders. To this end, Generation Ready matches its highly qualified consultants with the needs of K-12 schools across the country, where consultants work side-by-side with teachers and administrators as professional, instructional and pedagogical coaches.

We are currently seeking educators to fill both full and part-time K-12 education consultant positions to support school leaders. All of our education consultants are potentially benefits-eligible employees of Generation Ready, not independent contractors, and are paid on a per-diem rather than salaried basis.


  • Work collaboratively with school leadership to inform the development of a culture and climate that promotes and sustains student and adult learning
  • Support leadership teams to build shared beliefs and attitudes
  • Design organizational structures and protocols that support relational trust and build effective teams
  • Develop positive working relationships with school leadership teams in a side-by-side, job-embedded coaching model
  • Provide ongoing feedback, instructional support and coaching to improve leadership capabilities
  • Rigorously analyze multiple sources of data to plan, to assess and to evaluate professional learning and priorities for school leadership teams
  • Use understanding of learning to lead schools in reviewing, developing, organizing and implementing rigorous standards-aligned literacy curricula
  • Support school leaders in ensuring there is effective teaching in classrooms by strengthening pedagogy and instructional planning
  • Collaborate with Generation Ready’s network of consultants and thought leaders to strengthen results
  • When appropriate, implement workshops on theory and practice to improve instruction

Approach work with professionalism that strengthens the company and school partnerships

Requirements & Qualifications

  • minimum of 10 teaching years in the K-12 classroom: Generation Ready’s work is based on a philosophy of best practice rather than a pre-packaged product or program, so a great depth of instructional experience is key in a consultant’s ability to customize the work for each principal, teacher and school
  • Experience in a leadership role in a school, leading teams in working collaboratively to improve their practice
  • A strong knowledge of leadership theory and practice
  • Experience with, and understanding of, socio-economically and ethnically diverse student populations
  • Experience in leading collaborative professional learning with school leaders, creating protocols, practices and structures leading to school improvement
  • Demonstrated effective use and understanding of Literacy or Math Common Core State Standards and those for College and Career Readiness
  • Enthusiasm and excitement for your own ongoing professional learning
  • Strong presentation, communication, and coaching skills
  • Positive, respectful professional relationships

How to Apply

Please note: This brief application should take just a few moments to complete. While it is characterized as an interview, you will only be asked to upload a resume and answer a few short questions about your location, experience, and how you connected with this opportunity at Generation Ready.

Should there be a good match between your qualifications and our career opportunities, we will continue the interview process, which comes with built-in support and allows us to move quickly in our decisions and communications with candidates.