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School Leadership

Leading the Learning on Exceptional Instruction

Education research consistently shows that leadership is a key factor in student success. The strongest leaders are more than 75% of the reason why the best teachers stay in schools. Generation Ready’s Leading Learning services centers on the belief that principals are key to improving instruction. Leading Learning focuses on helping today’s education leaders create the conditions where all facets of the school focus on exceptional instruction and student learning.

Based on the work of Dr. Richard Elmore, and specifically designed for school and/or district instructional leadership teams, our approach:

  • Links leadership practices that directly influence instruction to meet college and career standards
  • Is designed to support leaders in building internal coherence, enhancing his/her capacity to lead and make effective decisions around efficacy beliefs, organizational processes including curricula, instruction and infrastructures, as well as personal leadership practices
  • Is a system-wide, organizational learning solution
  • Meets the needs of aspiring, new, novice, experienced, turnaround and mid-career principals

Through the combination of cohort-based workshops and side-by-side job-embedded professional development, Generation Ready accelerates the improvement process and ensures sustained growth in schools and districts nationwide.

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