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Creating Thriving School and District Learning Organizations

Our School Improvement offering provides districts and schools with a structured process to set schools on a path for continued success. Schools struggling to meet accountability standards are now faced with implementing more rigorous standards and new teacher and principal effectiveness requirements. This challenge often causes frustration and concern on the part of teachers, administrators, parents, and students. Using Generation Ready’s proven approach, our education consultants address key systemic issues while building instructional leadership and teacher capacity.

We promote a shift towards excellence both in school operations and the mindset of educators — a drive to continual improvement and a lasting culture of cooperation. The goal: a shared vision that empowers the entire school community. That’s critical as sustainable achievement occurs only through advancement of both the organization as well as individuals.

We know that it’s your school leaders’ and teachers’ motivation, confidence and ability to drive change that will ultimately produce meaningful results and we? work hard to strengthen all of these. As positive changes are made in the school environment, classroom instruction becomes the focus of the ongoing work. It’s a positive, productive experience. We have the capacity to both help low performing schools first turn around, and then move from good to great.

Clear-eyed assessment that leads to focused improvement

A Generation Ready School Improvement engagement uses the same proven process of support as all our professional learning offerings, with close collaboration, rigorous data gathering and analysis, personalized planning, actionable feedback and job-embedded modeling. Where School Improvement goes further is in its depth and emphasis. There is an intensive focus on ensuring effective classroom teaching in general and in literacy and mathematics in particular. Teachers are supported to differentiate instruction for students in order to have them successfully engaged in rich, rigorous work around the standards. At the same time, we provide school and district leaders with a framework for decision-making, resource allocation, and targeted differentiated support that improves school performance.

Generation Ready has a mission-driven spirit about its work. It’s not window dressing. There is a level of commitment there, backed with successful practices. These are good people doing good things.”

– Dr. Mike Ward, Professor of Education Leadership and former two-term State Superintendent of the Public Schools of North Carolina

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