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Shifting mathematics instruction for higher standards

…Learning mathematics with understanding is essential. Mathematics today requires not only computational skills but also the ability to think and reason mathematically in order to solve the new problems and learn the new ideas that students will face in the future. – John Van De Walle

 A deep conceptual understanding of mathematics will be crucial to prepare our students for the future, and carrying mathematical concepts across grades is key. The subject is rapidly growing and is extensively applied to a diverse number of fields.

To prepare students, teachers must know how students learn, what they need to learn, what they already know, encourage risk taking, create purposeful learning experiences and create challenge.

We provide support for administrators and teachers to look at the big picture and the instructional shifts in mathematics. These shifts concentrate on the focus, coherence, and rigor of the mathematical content, processes and practices.

Ensure effective mathematics instruction for all students

We collaboratively work with your teachers and leaders to create structures and environments that sustain professional learning and maximize impact for student achievement. Our engagements are driven by your own district, school and student data to determine where the focus and purpose should be.  Our education consultants help teachers and leaders:

  • Examine the design and delivery of mathematical instruction so that it emphasizes interconnectedness of concepts rather than just teaching mathematical concepts in isolation
  • Immerse all students in rigorous, rich and engaging standards-based mathematics curriculum
  • Emphasize project-based learning and other engaging, inquiry-based teaching methods
  • Customize their teaching and learning using new technologies
  • Differentiate instruction, providing supports that meet the varied learning needs of diverse student populations
  • Connect mathematics to real-world contexts that build upon student and community resources
  • Use multiple measures to assess student outcomes, including performance-based assessments and formative and summative assessments
  • Develop coherence and consistency in teaching practice

Generation Ready’s services ensure growth in student achievement by providing teachers and administrators with the support that they need to focus on the necessary content, strategies and skills critical to the delivery of effective instruction.