English Language Learners

Ensure quality instruction for your English Language Learners

English LearnersFor the past decade, the United States has experienced a significant growth in the number of English Language Learners (ELLs) enrolled in public schools. This poses unique opportunities and challenges for educators striving to ensure that these students have access to the core curriculum and acquire academic knowledge, as well as English language skills.

Current achievement data suggest that ELLs lag far behind their peers.  As schools rollout plans to implement the new academic standards, experts in the field have voiced concerns that the critical supports within the schools are not in place to address the achievement gap of ELLs. Researchers contend that the quality of instruction is what matters most in educating ELLs.

Support to accelerate growth for English Language Learners

In all our engagements, Generation Ready provides specific support to teachers and leaders in order to:

  • Deepen their understanding of the language and literacy backgrounds of their ELLs
  • Increase their ability to create language objectives appropriate for a range of ELLs
  • Provide their students with access to complex texts and increase academic conversations
  • Increase the quantity and quality of student academic discourse
  • Provide print exposure to the types of texts that ELLs will be reading and writing
  • Provide authentic academic vocabulary instruction that emphasizes oral language acquisition

Our education consultants model for teachers the integration of language, literacy, and academic content instruction prescriptive to the needs of their students. Our hands-on support is designed to assist teachers as they plan and implement practices to accelerate the academic growth and language acquisition of ELLs.

Together as a team with teachers and administrators, we monitor the implementation of the practices and learning outcomes of all students. With a combination of our expertise, support and feedback, your students will be prepared to meet not only the challenges of the new standards but will benefit from a learning environment that celebrates cultural diversity.