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Early Literacy

Unlock the gateway for reading and writing success

It has been shown that students who cannot read on grade level by third grade are four times less likely to graduate by 19 than students who do read proficiently in third grade (American Educational Research Association)

The craft of teaching is becoming increasingly complex. Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of early literacy.  For students to be fully prepared for the challenges and expectations of college and their careers, students must develop their literacy skills at an early age.

There is a critical window of opportunity during grades K-3 for students to become literate. The foundations of literacy are set during this time and children who leave third grade as strategic readers and writers are well prepared to read for learning in the later years. With the introduction of more rigorous standards across the country, we know that what we have done in the past in the early grades will not be sufficient for our students today.

Our K-3 Literacy Services ensure that all students, including students with special needs and English Learners, have the foundational literacy skills needed to enter fourth grade reading and writing at grade level, ready to meet the demands of college and career readiness standards.

Support for Teachers

Our K-3 Literacy Services builds teachers’ knowledge and understanding of strategies proven to develop strategic readers and writers. Through workshops and job-embedded professional learning, we help teachers grow as effective instructional literacy leaders, providing the foundation for students to succeed in the later grades. Our engagements focus on:

  • Understanding the literacy processes and the pedagogy that determines how their students learn, what they need to understand and should be able to do to meet any state standard
  • Explicit teaching and guiding of reading and writing strategies
  • Providing a balance of shared, guided and independent work
  • Raising expectations for students and encouraging risk-taking
  • Strengthening assessments through Running Records and the use of reading and writing rubrics
  • Catering for the diverse needs of students
  • Engaging students in challenging learning experiences

Support for Principals and Administrators

Leaders must be able to ensure that their teachers have a common understanding of best practices across teaching reading and writing, as well as have consistently rigorous expectations for students as readers and writers across the grades. Generation Ready works with leaders to:

  • Build a workable model to implement a comprehensive reading and writing focus 
  • Support cohesiveness around effective reading and writing instruction and expectations for the quality of text read and written
  • Build instructional capacity and confidence in the planning and delivery of explicit reading and writing instruction
  • Increase the volume and quality of students’ reading and writing in all grades
  • Increase the frequency and quality of student/teacher conferring over reading and writing