Adolescent Literacy

Changing Literacy Outcomes for Adolescents

Adolescence is a critical time for students. Expectations for them as readers increase, while explicit literacy instruction decreases.

Literacy instruction is one of the greatest challenges faced by teachers of adolescents, yet today’s academic standards demand that all students, including English language learners (ELLs) and students with disabilities, have the strategies needed to read and comprehend increasingly complex texts.

The work we do with your leaders and teachers build upon, rather than replace the programs and practices you already have in place within your school and/or district. Our expert adolescent literacy consultants work collaboratively with your school and/or district leaders to create and implement an evidence-based, customized action plan in response to your goals, needs and budget.

Supporting Teacher and Student Goals

Generation Ready’s adolescent literacy services ensure that ELA, science and social studies teachers are supported in addressing the literacy demands of their content area so that all students complete school with the literacy skills required for success in college and their careers.

Each customized engagement can include professional development through workshops and school-based coaching aligned to your state standards. An engagement generally includes:

  • A needs assessment – The result is a report of short, medium and long-term recommendations to take next steps in improving your school and/or district’s literacy practices
  • Targeted practice – We provide services that focus on specific elements of adolescent literacy instruction, customized to your school context.

Your school or district can also work with us to implement a comprehensive approach to literacy, designed to build your capacity over time. These comprehensive engagements have been shown to create long-lasting, sustainable change in instruction and improve adolescent literacy outcomes in a variety of settings.

No matter what your focus, Generation Ready can support your school and/or district’s adolescent literacy needs. Learn more today!

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