What our partners are saying

Over 200 of our education consultants work with schools and districts every day across the nation, partnering for success. But don’t take our word for it: hear how our partners describe Generation Ready’s leader and teacher professional development and services, and the impacts they’ve had as a result of our partnership.

“Our goals were achieved as evidenced by the collaborative effort between the teachers and Generation Ready. They were instrumental in the implementation of the literacy assessment system and ensuring that the data collected was understood as they enhanced the teacher created curriculum units.” – Principal, Bronx, NY

“Of all the different programs I’ve come across in 25 years of being a school administrator, the Generation Ready process by far makes the most sense to me.  The focus is on improving classroom instruction, which is exactly what we’ve done.  It is people-focused, going to the nuts and bolts of what happens between the teachers and students.” – Dr. Mark Bazzell, Superintendent, Pike County School District, AL

“Since we have been working with our consultant we have noticed a significant improvement in students’ engagement levels, their levels of cooperative learning, the quality of their writing and their confidence and creativity in use of technology. – 4th Grade Teacher, Jersey City, NJ

“The satisfaction of working in public schools as a consultant runs very deep for me. Success can come at any level, from the simple stratum of one student’s triumph with a graphic organizer to the holistic layer of a whole staff thriving as a professional learning community. Most fulfilling to me is to watch a school celebrate exponential growth year after year through a long-term partnership. Dale Worsley, Education Consultant

“Generation Ready helped me to implement many needed fundamentals that include maximizing my time towards instructional leadership, collaborating all faculty members to a common mission, and analyzing data to improve pedagogy.” – Paul Griep, Principal, Alternative Learning Center, AR


Once the consultant becomes part of your school community, you can do almost anything.– Celeste Douglas Wheeler, Principal, Ron Brown Academy-MS 57, Brooklyn, NY


“It’s about people caring. It’s about passion. It’s something inside of you that wants to make a difference.” – Mike Cox, Superintendent, Osceola School District


From the first day we met, our consultant made sure we understood that he was not there to critique or judge, just to help. He made us feel very comfortable from the beginning…” – Gregory Van Voorhis, English Teacher, Collegiate Institute for Math and Science, Bronx, NY

“…expert consultants provide especially good support. Monitoring is ongoing and routine, and the high degree of objectivity embedded in the data-driven approach to decision making has, thus far, served the school well in making noteworthy progress in improving student achievement. P.S./I.S. 279X School Quality Review, New York City Department of Education

“Generation Ready was an asset to the Wilkinson County School System this year in assisting with the RTI process.  Not only have we met our guidelines with their assistance, we are now proactive in dealing with the results of our data.” Carol Williams, Reading Supervisor, Wilkinson County School System, MS

“We LOVED having the opportunity to work with our Generation Ready educational consultant. He was able to provide us with suggestions about where to start and additional professional development activities we could continue with once he was gone.” – Director of Instructional Services, Rantoul City Schools, Rantoul, IL

“Our consultant’s work in reading led to a dramatic increase in scores over a very short time.  She is a true professional.  I have learned so much from working with her and can’t put into words truly how valuable she has been to my school community.” – Middle School Principal, New York City, NY

“Generation Ready has helped us to meet our goals and set a path for continued growth. We are ready for the Common Core State Standards because it is what Generation Ready has always done anyway!” – Cherie LaBat, Ph.D., Principal, Bay Waveland Middle School, MS