What makes us different

A difference like no other in school and teacher professional learning

Generation Ready is not a typical education professional development provider. When our education consultants enter your schools and classrooms, we do not tell you what you are doing wrong and assume that the same method works for everyone. Our consultants are experts in the content area and grade-levels in which they’ll be consulting. They model effective practice in real classrooms in real time, thus setting the stage for ongoing collaboration with teachers on their practice. We strive to build capacity in schools that can sustain improved outcomes for kids.

Our DifferenceHere’s where we’re different: We help you improve instruction and student achievement through collaboration. We partner with you. We believe that “one-size-does not-fit-all” in professional learning. We ask questions and listen to help ensure that we provide the right starting point, so that we can find the right solution for you. That’s an approach all too rare in education and it’s one that we have shown to produce consistent, high-quality results. We help you build capacity so that when we leave your classrooms and schools, you can rest assured knowing that your teachers and leaders can deliver sustainable growth in student achievement.

But don’t let us tell you. Hear what others have to say about working with Generation Ready.

Our education consultants are all successful teachers and educational leaders; they know and understand your world because they’ve been successful educators. They work with you through a combination of  job-embedded professional development, workshops, institutes, study groups, planning sessions, curriculum and task development support and guided visitation to ensure that knowledge is transferred and change is sustained.

It’s a holistic system, driven by evidence, data, and centered on practical, job-embedded learning where our consultants collaborate closely with your teachers and principals, directly in the classroom and school.

We share your passion – and your vision for achievement

Our difference lies in our approach. Click through to learn more about our methods, technology and our core work, and learn more about how Generation Ready can support your school in raising student achievement.

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