Our process

Flexible, optimized delivery at every step

Methods matter when meeting the challenge of raising teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Achieving sustainable results takes much more than workshops, coursework, new standards or technology tools. It takes the right skills and services delivered in the most effective way by a collaborative, expert partner, and that’s what Generation Ready’s experienced education consultants accomplish.

Our process is dynamic and ongoing. We adapt to your needs, using outcomes to guide further actions as progress is made. It is evidence-based at every stage focusing on high impact strategies proven to work in classrooms across the nation.

A methodology that produces powerful results

Our expert education consultants work with schools and districts to link your goals with site-based, job-embedded professional learning that is evidence and research-based, practical, and tied in meaningful ways to the more rigorous standards so all students can succeed. It is a dynamic cycle of measurement, assessment, collaborative goal setting, support and revision adapting to needs and using outcomes to guide further actions as progress is made.

Step 1 – Data gathering and assessment

Knowing the full situation is critical to plan effectively. Generation Ready’s education consultants collaborate with you to review all of the pertinent information to understand your school or district’s current circumstances, practices, organizational structures, challenges, level of capacity and achievement. It’s a rigorous, comprehensive assessment that gives us a shared view of where we’re starting.

Step 2 – Create an action plan

Generation Ready’s education consultants apply their expertise and collaborate with you to set actionable and achievable goals and create a detailed plan of action mapped to your own district, school and individual goals as well as the Six Essential Practices of Effective Schools. By basing your professional development strategy on multiple inputs – the needs you identify as well as those revealed through analysis of all available data – we help you focus on the path to positive outcomes. The action plan is a vitally important living construct that evolves as you grow and serves as a roadmap for the engagement, showing not only where you’re going but how we’ll help you get there.

Step 3 – Implementation

Both rigor and flexibility are built into our methodology. We know that once plans meet reality, they rarely survive unchanged. Unlike other professional development providers, our execution is dynamic and able to adjust to circumstances, accounting for progress as the development plan unfolds to ensure optimum results within the time allowed. The objective is to support and guide you so you can reach (or even exceed) your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, through close collaboration and focused support.

Step 4 – Ongoing monitoring and reporting

Our education consultants monitor results regularly, track progress towards goals and adjust the action plan as needed. ReadyPath also plays an important supporting role throughout all these steps, offering educators observation, monitoring and reporting tools designed for use on the go.